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Domestic Relations Summit 2014

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Domestic Relations Summit

After the needs and resources have been assessed, it will be at the Summit that the teams will learn about promising practices. Ohio and national promising practices will be featured during the Summit to promote discussions on improving the case management for parties appearing before the court. Presentations will focus on caseflow management, minimizing conflict by promoting the well-being of families and the best interest of the children, protecting families from abuse, and dispute resolution.

WHO: The domestic relations judge will lead a team of four justice system partners to focus on challenges and solutions. If the court is a multi-judge court, all judges are welcome in addition to the team of four justice system partners.
WHAT: There will be five sessions with five break-out sessions, keynote speaker, and time devoted to facilitated team planning. Each team member may attend any session.  The sessions will focus on case management, child-centered decision-making, domestic violence, dispute resolution, and other pertinent topics.
OBJECTIVES: The domestic relations judges and their county teams will:
  • Assess their current case management, resources, and challenges.
  • Learn about promising practices in caseflow management, child-centered decision-making, protection from abuse, and dispute resolution.
  • Develop local plans for solutions and strategies for improved case management and promoting the best interest of the child.
WHEN: April 23-25, 2014
WHERE: Columbus, Ohio
HOW: The Domestic Relations Summit is presented by the Supreme Court of Ohio with the support of a Planning Committee consisting of county domestic relations judges, magistrates, court administrators, and justice system partners. Through grants and donations, the Summit costs of registration, lunch and hotel sleeping accommodations may be subsidized for the teams.

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